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I am a Brooklyn-based web designer who got into motorcycles in late 2007, although to be honest I’ve always wanted one. The beginnings of this go all the way back to the early eighties with the Imperial speeder bike in Return of the Jedi & the cyclone in Robotech. Both infected my imagination in a big way, as did the rides to school on the back of my dad’s Yamaha XS Eleven, which went a long way to deleting the fears that a lot of people have about bikes.

It took me until I was thirty to finally get around to it, but now that it has settled in I think motorcycling is here to stay. When I first started riding motorcycles solo I couldn’t take in enough information. I was obsessed with reading anything I could on the subject or anything closely related. After a while, though, I found that I couldn’t keep it all straight in my head and that a lot of what one finds online is contradictory or just incorrect.

I started keeping track through delicious and this blog, and even though I’ve only been into this since the summer of 2007 I know quite a bit now. I plan to use this space to write about things specifically related to my 2002 Suzuki SV650S as well as all things I’ve learned on gear, motorcycle tuning and mechanics, product or road-trip reviews, and modification projects.

Stay tuned…


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