Tandem Trips

The Hapiness of a Middle Distance Rider

Posted in Modifications, My Bike, Riding by Me on October 13, 2009

I went on my longest ride yet over the long weekend. Brooklyn to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts (approximately 175 miles) and back over two days. Nothing earth shattering, but not a jaunt around the corner either.

It’s a nice mixture of twisties and three lane freeway riding that the SV handles nicely. I am strongly condidering sending my seat to Great Day to Ride in Florida for some gel inserts, but no complaints otherwise.

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The Big Day!

Posted in Gear, Motorsports, My Bike, Reviews, Riding by Me on August 25, 2009

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I had tons of traveling to do this summer, and sadly the SV has been sitting in the garage for a while now.

But tomorrow I’m flying (too far to ride) to Indianapolis for the US GP! I’m hoping to take lots of pictures and have something interesting to say at least once or twice over the next five days, so keep an eye out. When I get back I’ll put up anything I couldn’t post from my phone.

Also, I’ll be making my way up to western Massachusetts in a month or two, at which time I hope to get in a review of my Nelson Rigg luggage and maybe some other stuff.


By the way, the belly pan I put on my bike ended up with blisters in the paint because it’s too close to the exhaust and I didn’t shield it enough. I will post the repair process at some point this fall as I do it.

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Posted in My Bike, Riding by Me on May 3, 2009

Two-Up on the SVMy wife and I gave two-up riding on the SV a real try this weekend. We’d gone around the neighborhood a bit last season, but this was the first real ride. The first day was just a quick jaunt around town to get the feel for it. After airing up the back tire and a turn harder on the rear shock we were in business.

Overall it went well. She says she’s into it, so we’ll keep it up, which is good because otherwise we would have wasted hundreds of dollars on gear for her (reviews to come).

One problem I’ve found, though, is that I really need to work on my slow speed maneuvers, though. Starting from a stop sign and left turns at under five miles an hour are giving me trouble when she is on the back. Part of the problem was that I was recovering from a hyper-extended left ankle, which, being the dominant support when stopped, was a major issue. But the added weight change in center-of-gravity were a little bit tricky.

Time for another riding class, me thinks.

REVIEW: MSS Basic Rider Course

Posted in Reviews, Riding by Me on February 28, 2009

In the summer of 2007 I decided I needed to learn to ride a motorcycle. This is one of the items on my “List of Essential Skills for Men,” of which one needs to have tried as many as possible by the time one dies. This list is in my head and very plastic, changing by my mood and interest of the moment (examples of other list items: throwing a football with at least a little bit of spiral, hammering in nails, surfing *haven’t tried*, changing car oil, installing a ceiling fan *haven’t tried*, navigating sans GPS, entertaining five-year-old children for an hour without making one cry *haven’t tried*, etc.). You decide for yourself what is on your list, but I think it is pretty inarguable that successfully riding a motorized two wheeled vehicle should be on it. (more…)