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Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on May 10, 2009

belly plan close-upI finally got around to mounting that belly pan from GSG Mototechnic. I had waited because of concerns about heat from the exhaust possibly melting the fiberglass so I went out and got some of Maier USA‘s self-adhesive ceramic tiles at Motorcycle Madness to deflect the heat. Unfortunately they only had one pack, but I think it will be sufficient.

I also needed to buff out the pain some more before I could really call it done. After a little rubbing and installing the tape I took it out and slapped it on. Installation took about five minutes and used an allen wrench and a socket on a ratchet.

Overall I’m very happy. Pics of the awesomeness below the jump.

The first two pictures show where I laid down the ceramic tape. This part of the pan sits less than 1/4 inch from the exhaust collector, so you can see why I was worried about it. We painted the interior of the pan with black engine paint to resist heat and to make it easy to clean out oil and road grit. The mounting hardware was a snap to install and attaching the pan took less than a minute… and it looks A-MA_ZING!

belly pan: interiorbelly pan tape close upbelly pan right sidebelly pan frontbelly pan leftbelly pan left mountbelly pan mount rightbelly pan left frontbelly pan right rearbelly pan left rearbelly pan left front longbelly pan front right longbelly pan right longbelly pan right long 2

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  1. Dad said, on May 14, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Hey there,
    Betty looks very nice. Glad to see you’ve put most of it together and you’re riding again. We’ll need to talk about the final piece that needs painting, okay.

    In the mean time; how’s your fuel mixture running? That forard pipe looks to have gotten a little hot at some time. You don’t want to run Betty too lean, okay. I rode my XS1100 for almost 15 years in high heat conditions and never got the pipes blue. Of course, I had constant velocity carburetors on it and that could have made a difference. I’m interested so let me know.

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