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Posted in My Bike, Riding by Me on May 3, 2009

Two-Up on the SVMy wife and I gave two-up riding on the SV a real try this weekend. We’d gone around the neighborhood a bit last season, but this was the first real ride. The first day was just a quick jaunt around town to get the feel for it. After airing up the back tire and a turn harder on the rear shock we were in business.

Overall it went well. She says she’s into it, so we’ll keep it up, which is good because otherwise we would have wasted hundreds of dollars on gear for her (reviews to come).

One problem I’ve found, though, is that I really need to work on my slow speed maneuvers, though. Starting from a stop sign and left turns at under five miles an hour are giving me trouble when she is on the back. Part of the problem was that I was recovering from a hyper-extended left ankle, which, being the dominant support when stopped, was a major issue. But the added weight change in center-of-gravity were a little bit tricky.

Time for another riding class, me thinks.


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  1. nomen said, on May 27, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I see that your wife is wearing the Rev’it jacket. Is it the Phoenix or Silica version? What does she think of it? I’ve been thinking of getting that jacket.

  2. Gordon said, on June 10, 2009 at 6:55 am


    Get your lass to hold on to the bars at the back of the bike. Not only will this remove the “rubber band” motion you both do when accelerating/braking, but it will also make her feel a lot safer. I remember when me and my girl started 2 up riding and we had “love handles” which were things I strapped round my waist with handles that she held on to.

    After a few months I asked her to try holding on to the back and she was reluctant as she thought if I accelerated she would fall off the back. However shortly after trying it she loved the added security and stability it offered and now we never use the love handles. She did get sore upper arms for a bit but now she’s ok. I notice how close your wife is sitting to you, when she has a massive seat behind her. Invite her to relax a bit and this will give you more room to do the bike riding thing, and more comfort for both of you.

    Also, you probably already do this, but use a LOT of back brake when riding at slow speeds. I mean 90% brake with throttle only to stop you from falling over. You’ll find the bike doesn’t dive about the place and sits the bike up more so that slow speed cornering is easy. Get your feet up almost immediately as well. I find dragging your legs makes the bike wobble all over the place.

    I would also suggest a large foam square on the back of your helmet, because for the first 4 months of 2 up riding my girl would always whack my helmet at the back 🙂 haha.

    Hope this helps!


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