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Worlds First TTXGP in Less Than a Month!

Posted in Exotics, Motorsports by Me on May 14, 2009

The first TTXGP at the Isle of Man kicks off on the 12 of June and I can’t wait! This has the potential to be a über interesting kick in the pants for the two-wheeled alternative energy vehicles, not to mention the alternative energy industry in general. (more…)


All Dressed Up

Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on May 10, 2009

belly plan close-upI finally got around to mounting that belly pan from GSG Mototechnic. I had waited because of concerns about heat from the exhaust possibly melting the fiberglass so I went out and got some of Maier USA‘s self-adhesive ceramic tiles at Motorcycle Madness to deflect the heat. Unfortunately they only had one pack, but I think it will be sufficient.

I also needed to buff out the pain some more before I could really call it done. After a little rubbing and installing the tape I took it out and slapped it on. Installation took about five minutes and used an allen wrench and a socket on a ratchet.

Overall I’m very happy. Pics of the awesomeness below the jump.


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Posted in My Bike, Riding by Me on May 3, 2009

Two-Up on the SVMy wife and I gave two-up riding on the SV a real try this weekend. We’d gone around the neighborhood a bit last season, but this was the first real ride. The first day was just a quick jaunt around town to get the feel for it. After airing up the back tire and a turn harder on the rear shock we were in business.

Overall it went well. She says she’s into it, so we’ll keep it up, which is good because otherwise we would have wasted hundreds of dollars on gear for her (reviews to come).

One problem I’ve found, though, is that I really need to work on my slow speed maneuvers, though. Starting from a stop sign and left turns at under five miles an hour are giving me trouble when she is on the back. Part of the problem was that I was recovering from a hyper-extended left ankle, which, being the dominant support when stopped, was a major issue. But the added weight change in center-of-gravity were a little bit tricky.

Time for another riding class, me thinks.