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Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on April 12, 2009

Betty at the LakeBetty is back together! After several months all of that busted up plastic is repaired and painted. It went back on in a flash, and, after a small amount of unnecessary paranoia about my brake system, the bike is riding smoothly. I’ve done most of the modifications I had planned and it’s been a long time since I last rode, so it was a little hard to compare, but I think everything is in excellent order.

While the plastic was off I changed the oil and added that K&N oil filter, replaced my crappy and incorrectly installed eBay frame sliders with a set from R&G Racing, mounted my TechSpec tank pads, upgraded the headlights to Osram Nigh Breaker bulbs, added some flush mount front indicators from ebay, installed my Vesrah brake pads, and replaced the brake fluid.

Fresh paintI think the brake pads were unnecessary as the stock pads that I removed still have plenty of life left in them. The soft and unresponsive brakes were probably caused by old brake fluid that needed a bleed. However, I am not switching back until those Vesrahs wear down. I’ll just save the stock ones until I need to do the job again. The brakes feel great and stop on a dime, although not so suddenly that I feel unsafe.

I also ran some Sea Foam through the engine and will keep adding more until the 16 ounce bottle I bought is gone. That should be in another two tanks worth of riding.

All that’s left for this round is to get some exhaust wrap so I can install the GSG belly pan. I don’t want to just throw it on there because it came out beautifully (I opted for no stripes, by the way) and I would be heart broken if it melted. I’ll install it in two weeks and give you an update.

Some more glamor shots:

Betty at the Lake 2Betty at the Lake 3Betty at the Lake 4


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