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UPDATE: Forcefield Pro L2 Back-Protector Insert price changes

Posted in Gear by Me on March 25, 2009

Don’t say I never did anything for ya! I get more hits on my review of my Rev’It! Ignition jacket than any other post on this blog, and the majority of them come from searches for Forcefield Pro L2 back protector inserts. So to help you out I thought I would let you know that I just bought another one, this time in the states.

Last time I couldn’t find any US vendors that carried them for anything like the £39.00 price I saw on UK vendor sites in early 2008. This time I noticed two things. The first is that the Forcefield site has added a link to a US vendor in California called Johnson Leather. The second is that Forcefield raised has the MSRP from £29 to £99, even though they haven’t changed anything about it. WTF?!?, right?

This new L2 is for my wife’s Rev’It! Phoenix jacket and is the same size as mine (Small, Shape B). I went with Johnson Leather because they are selling them for $100.00 + tax and shipping to New Jersey, which came to $115.04. This is about $45 more than when I bought my first one but easily the best price online today.

By the way, this afternoon the exchange rate was UK£99.00 to US$144.71, and if you add shipping and import taxes this thing COULD have cost close to $200. Maybe you’re thinking that the Knox TP2 would be a better choice because it’s only $29. You would be right if the TP2 was built as well or robust as the L2.

I’ll review the vendor when we it gets delivered but so far everything looks like it will be fine.


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