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2009 Mod Plans

Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on February 1, 2009

I have a bunch of stuff sitting around waiting to be put on the bike this year, but I think I am going to take it slow rather than throw them all on at once. Some of it is going on before I pull her out of winter storage, but the rest will be as-I-find-time projects.


These parts are going on before April, when I have to get the bike inspected.

Stock Plastic: All of my plastic is currently being re-sprayed in the stock Sonic Silver. This will bring the bike back to the original look, minus the stickers, which I never cared for anyway.

Belly Pan: I also have a GSG-Mototechnic belly pan, which I have referred to previously here and here. It will get the black stripes. I decided against the red to keep costs down, make the painting process easier on my poor dad, and to add flexibility to future customization.

Flush Front Indicators: I told you before about how the originals both broke after repeated tip overs by the idiots that are NYC drivers. Instead of getting them replaced for something like $80.00, I went for some $10 ebay flush-mounts. We’ll see how they work out.

R&G Crash Protectors: I know, I know. They are expensive, but I wanted to treat myself. I got them at Twin Shack for much less than they can be had anywhere else, although I have only found them at European vendors. I got them for a really low price, and the Dollar to Pound exchange rate was more forgiving than usual on the day I bought them. I love that shop and would recommend them in a heartbeat. These ended up costing me $10 more than the Motosliders most SV Riders recommend, but they stick out just as far, look better, and, theoretically, you can replace the crash-bung without replacing the mount (supposedly saving you cash in the long run). The only problem was UK to US shipping. Ouch!

Osram H4 Night Breaker Headlight Bulbs: The stock bulbs are pathetic. These were highly recommended by a few guys over at SVRider.com, although there is a debate happening as to which brand/bulb/headlight mod is the best. These bulbs are not cheep, but you also don’t need to spend the $44 per bulb that they want at Amazon.com. Hunt around on eBay. I got a pair for $25 after shipping. (I’ll review these eventually. Keep an eye out.)

Fiamm Freeway Blasters + Relay: The stock horn is anemic. I bought a set of these in two different tones from Aerostich. They are each much louder than stock, so the two together should solve that problem. I plan to mount them in the same spot as the stock horn, but the relay may cause an issue with that. More on this to come.

Vesrah Sintered Brake Pads: I bought these at Knee Draggers when I got my K&N air and oil filters, a bunch of Motul oil and some other stuff. These pads are supposed to be the ultimate pads for the street. I had a small problem with the pads for the rear. Knee Draggers had the 2003-08 pads listed as compatible with the 1999-2002 rear caliper. THEY ARE NOT. Don’t try to make it work because you will waste time and money. In the end KD fixed the problem for free (as they should have) with a small amount of arguing (which they shouldn’t have). I have had excellent service from them otherwise and still recommend them, although I think the quality of service depends on who you get to deal with.

These pads should take care of the squishy feel of the brakes as they are now. I have a sneaking suspicion that that problem may be due to bubble in my brake fluid. I will never know, though, because I plan to replace the pads and bleed the lines in the same sitting. If they don’t, I’ll get stainless steel brake line, but I think that might be overkill for a tourer.


This is the stuff I have purchased, but don’t intend to install immediately for one reason or another. I plan to get it all on before the end of the summer, to give you an idea of my schedule.

Hot Bodies Undertail: This was something I went around and around on in my head. I feel really ill when I think of cutting a stock part in order to make a modification. The way I look at it you should remove anything you don’t like and replace it. But this one part is the only one I can’t do that with. I am going to take the gamble and hope that if I ever need to take the bike back to stock I can find the stock undertail and just replace it. I am also counting on not getting rid of this bike… ever. 😀

FYI, I got this from FatBikez.com. There’s not much to say about the service. I was quick, but not fast. They over packaged the hell out of the part, which is great for preventing damage but probably wasted money on shipping costs. I’ll probably end up needing a tail tidy to go with this, which is another reason I am taking it slow, as well as new tail lights and a rear hugger.

K&N Air Filter: I thought I could just throw this into the bike, but I found out otherwise after I tried it. So this one is waiting until I get my new set of carbs rebuilt (more about that later). Once that is done I will be ready to drop the filter in.

Rebuilt Carburetors: You know about the carbs I bought to teach myself how to rebuild motorcycle carbs. Well that hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have hoped, so I bought another set ($120 total for both sets. Still cheep) and will tear those apart over the summer.


Nelson-Rigg CL-1000 Saddle Bags: My lovely wife bought me these for the holidays! I haven’t tested them out yet, but I have popped them open and checked them out. Very nice kit! We’re using them for the first time in April, I will definitely do a review of these before too long. We’ll also do some write-ups of her gear, because there are far too few ladies gear reviews out there.

Factory Pro EVO Detent Star Kit: This is the last thing I want to do, but haven’t bought yet because I am not sure if this is a job I can accomplish on my own. Further investigation is in order.

Other than that we plan to get in as many miles this year as possible. Last year was frenetic and busy to say the least, so we have to make up for lost time.


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