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REVIEW: MSS Basic Rider Course

Posted in Reviews, Riding by Me on February 28, 2009

In the summer of 2007 I decided I needed to learn to ride a motorcycle. This is one of the items on my “List of Essential Skills for Men,” of which one needs to have tried as many as possible by the time one dies. This list is in my head and very plastic, changing by my mood and interest of the moment (examples of other list items: throwing a football with at least a little bit of spiral, hammering in nails, surfing *haven’t tried*, changing car oil, installing a ceiling fan *haven’t tried*, navigating sans GPS, entertaining five-year-old children for an hour without making one cry *haven’t tried*, etc.). You decide for yourself what is on your list, but I think it is pretty inarguable that successfully riding a motorized two wheeled vehicle should be on it. (more…)


My, What a Lovely Family

Posted in Exotics by Me on February 27, 2009


I love this bike, in any form. I sat on one at the International Motorcycle Show in January: super comfortable. I want one. I would buy one right now if I had the cash laying around.

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REVIEW: Arai RX-7 Corsair Helmet

Posted in Gear, Reviews by Me on February 15, 2009

arai_rx7_corsairI’ve been wearing an Arai RX-7 Corsair for about a year now and feel that I have sufficient experience with it to give my opinion. I’ll try to be thorough, but since this is the first helmet I have worn since I was in high school, other than the lids I tried on when shopping last year, I can only do so much comparison. I’ll will cover the following areas: Fit, Features, Loudness, Weight, Venting, and Finish.


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2009 Mod Plans

Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on February 1, 2009

I have a bunch of stuff sitting around waiting to be put on the bike this year, but I think I am going to take it slow rather than throw them all on at once. Some of it is going on before I pull her out of winter storage, but the rest will be as-I-find-time projects.