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REVIEW: NYC International Motorcycle Show

Posted in Reviews by Me on January 18, 2009

I was generally underwhelmed. The main reason we went this year was to do side by side comparisons of gear for my wife. We only really got to do the helmets because there were almost no gear manufacturers there.

The bikes you can see in the dealers around town, but it is nice to see them all in one place and compare. My most exciting moment was sitting on the KTM RC8, which I found incredibly comfortable for a dedicated sport bike. Last year I sat on the usual suspect Japanese bikes, several Ducatis, and the BMW HP2 Sport and got a sharp pain in my hips on all of them. The RC8 is like a glove. If I could afford it (and ride it) I would buy it without a test ride based solely on the articles I’ve read and that one sit.

It was nice to see the show on the main floor this year, as opposed to stuck in the basement. However it still felt empty. The Victory booth was nice, the Honda Furry presentation was sort of pathetic and felt like a high school science report. The BMW booth was ok, but since the only new things they had were upgrades of last years models I was less than interested, which is surprising considering how much I want some of their bikes. Seeing the new Aprilia RSV was nice, but I wouldn’t buy one. It seemed less usable than its competition, even the Ducatis. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it felt a little cheaply made for what it costs, which is supposed to be what people say about the RC8.

The big winners for the show for me were Victory and KTM.


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