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Get on My Belly!

Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on January 12, 2009

It has arrived. After much hemming and some hawing I decided on the GSG Mototechnik belly pan for my SV. Mostly I chose it because the design seems to go with the stock half fairing better than anything else I could find. You can get it in ABS from the manufacturer, but the transaction process is so convoluted and irritating that I opted for searching eBay.de instead (with a little help from a friend from Berlin) and found a small German tuning company (www.erich-jahn.de) who had the fiberglass version.

These are all the shots I have from delivery, to prep, to filling, to primer. The pictures are a little grainy and the color is off, but since this is all primer and filler anyway, who cares. Now it’s time to decide on the paint design.

belly pan as shipped

belly pan louvres

belly pan drain hole

belly pan inside

belly pan prep coat left side

belly pan prep coat right side

belly pan filler

belly pan primer

belly pan ready for paint

belly pan ready for paint 2

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