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Dead Blinkers

Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on November 16, 2008

 dscn03861mentioned earlier that my SV has been hit and knocked over a few times as a result of parking in Brooklyn. One of the most awesome things that comes with this is busted blinkers. This honker on the left is my factory right front signal.

Hint: That black bit hanging out by itself is the mount that was left on the bike, the rest dangled there to scratch the crap out of my paint as I rode around. Electrical tape and super glue only get you so far. Replacements are $30 per side.

I don’t know why motorcycle designers didn’t catch on to the in-mirror turn signals earlier, but the trend among designers of less expensive fared bikes (of which the SV650s is one) is that the front signals are mounted to the plastic (slaps forehead!). This means that it is very likely that they will get snapped of, or worse yet punch through the plastic, when the bike is laid on its side.

dscn03851As a result, and because sport bike riders dig taking off anything required by law and replacing it with anything made from carbon fiber or anodized aluminum, there is a large market for flush-mount turn signals. They can cost over $100 for a set, but these only cost me $20 on eBay.

Yes, they will look good, but I got them to save money more than aesthetics. Let’s be realistic; if I was going just for looks I would have gotten some Rizoma Track 77s and not some thing with incandescent bulbs.

Hopefully we can dispense with the bike laying on its side. Maybe then I will get something more practical or fab up some sort of mount for something like the 2008 GSXR mirrors illustrated below.

In the mean time the eBay blister signals will suffice for the legal requirements. And in the future I will try to remember the coin or ruler in the photos for size reference.

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