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Parking in NYC

Posted in My Bike by Me on November 10, 2008

If you own a bike in New York City, get a spot in a parking garage. It’s worth the $150 a month when you factor in the cost of replacement parts, increased insurance premiums, and aggravation.

The idiots that park on the streets in this town can’t seem to parallel park without “feeling” their way in, the practice of bumping into the vehicles in front of and behind them so they know where it is instead of growing a brain and opening their eyes. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to driving is people who can’t parallel park. Couple that with owning a bike and you can see how I would get irritated.
To date my bike has been knocked down three times, and it only spent three months in the city. The last time resulted in $1,500 worth of damage and an insurance claim. I’m using the money to do some mods and pay for parking. The majority of the parts I can fix myself or with the help of my dad.   

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