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The Curse of the Tinkerer

Posted in Modifications, My Bike by Me on November 9, 2008

Did I say I couldn’t be happier with my SV? Well, what I meant was that I couldn’t be happier with my SV as a blank canvas.

My problem is that I can’t leave well enough alone. The bike is great, but on my second day I was too eager to ride and I ended up dropping it on the back side of a wet oily hill covered in gravel. I don’t feel too bad about it, but I was pretty upset about that baseball sized hole in the fairing made when the blinker punched through it. Those huge stalk-style blinkers have to go.

And the screen! How am I supposed to read the gauges with all that glare. The very first mod I made to Betty was fitting her with a dark smoke racing screen from Puig that I got on eBay for $20. Not only did it clean up that glare, it also added a little aggressiveness to the face of the bike.

Thus began the never ending string of mods I expect I will do to this bike before I give it up. That suits me fine.

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